Your teen doesn't need to change themself, they need to love themself...


Now is the time for your teen to step into their truest expression because they deserve to live a life that aligns fully with their essence.

Together, as a group, your teen will receive weekly online group coaching sessions with me, accompanied by coaching worksheets and resources to support them in connecting with their potential, unique gifts, and innate wisdom.

The time is now for your teen to heal and expand from the inside out, and show up exactly how they were meant to in this lifetime.



The place they are looking for is the place from which they are looking.


Social media, systemic conditioning, and the search for external validation influences the behaviors, choices, and development of our teens.

This integrative life-coaching program has been created to support and guide your teen to identify and discover their core values, how to navigate the ups and downs of life, find their voice, embrace their authenticity, and step into their power.

Instead of seeking false refuge and affirmation from the outside world, your teen will learn how to journey inwards for the answers they themselves already possess.


  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem?
  • Anxiety and/or sadness?
  • Aloneness and disconnect from self and/or from others?
  • Fear and/or uncertainty about the future?
  • Inability to control and balance their emotions?
  • Struggling with identity of self?
  • Unclear with their life's vision and what they want to manifest?
  • Playing too small?
  • Confused with how to find their place in the world?



After sixteen weeks, they will learn how to live a life that is self-empowered, as well as how to...


  • become self-aware.
  • process emotionā€‹s ā€‹and transcendā€‹ ā€‹challenging life experiences.
  • discover their peace and joy within.
  • attract abundance and co-create with the universe.
  • set loving boundaries and stand in their power with courage.
  • embrace life fearlessly and have gratitude for the lessons along the way.
  • feel comfortable and safe within their own body.
  • live in alignment with their authentic truth.



Each week, for sixteen weeks, I will deliver a prerecorded coaching workshop along with a workbook, a live online group coaching session, a guided meditation, and so much more. Plus, it's super easy to access from a phone, computer, or tablet at any time!

 Depending on which pathway you select for your teen, there may be additional offerings.




I have dedicated my life's work to supporting teens embody their authentic selves with power and courage... 


I have had decades of professional training and life experiences in preparation for my work with your teen. I have formulated a concise program to clear away the confusion and overwhelm that the healing and coaching industries can often bring. I have taken deep dives and acquired multiple certifications in numerous modalities - extracting the most effective and transformative elements to optimally serve. I take complex principles and simplify them so they are easy to navigate and feel attainable, pragmatic, and constructive.

It doesn't matter if your teen has never worked with a coach before. I meet them wherever they are right now. The guidance and resources I share in this program will inspire deep, meaningful, and sustainable transformation in their life. If you are seeking ways for your teen to be the best version of themself, then this is is the right program for them, and it would be my honor to journey beside them and illuminate the path forward.



I created this coaching program so that your teen doesn’t have to navigate the overwhelm of change and growth alone.


Throughout my own teenage years, I was in and out of traditional talk therapy traversing an eating disorder, the pressures of being a competitive dancer, immigration at 16, and intermittent bullying while in high school.

In 2014, I sought support from a life coach and I have not looked back since. Working with a coach helped me focus less on the past stories, and provided me with the transformative tools and guidance so that I could take ownership over the life I desired to manifest and embody.

After two decades of working as a fashion designer and stylist, I have consulted enough people with body dysmorphia and low self-esteem, perpetuating an unhealthy need for external validation through social media, toxic relationships, and/or consumption. My own life experiences, professional pursuits, and being the mother of two teenagers myself, has inspired my coaching practice and why I do what I do today.

It is my mission to help guide teenagers to find their true center so that they can show up in the world with integrity, without limitation, and a profound belief in their own worth.



This work is significant and your lifestyle and/or financial circumstances should never prevent you from receiving the support, community, and guidance that you desire and deserve to provide to your teen. I have created three offerings and I warmly invite you to choose the one that works best for you at this time.

Please note that in-person group coaching is only being offered in the San Francisco, Bay Area at this time. These sessions are once a month for four months, in addition to the weekly live online group coaching. The 1:1 coaching sessions are once a month for four months and can be in-person or online, in addition to the weekly live online group coaching.

A limited amount of financial scholarships are available for the online pathway.


  • 16 Weekly Coaching Workshops
  • 16 Weekly PDF Coaching workbooks
  • 16 Weekly Guided meditations
  • 16 Weekly Live Online Group Coaching Sessions
  • Community
  • Expert interview/s
  • The Twelve-Aspects of Self Cards & Guide Book
  • And so much more... 


$1, 600


$1,600 paid in full ($200 discount), or 4 monthly payments at $450 each


This is currently only being offered in the San Francisco, Bay Area


  • Everything offered in the Online Pathway plus...
  • 4 in person group coaching sessions
  • Personalized Coaching Strategies
  • And so much more... 






$2,400 paid in full ($200 discount), or 4 monthly payments at $650 each


In-person sessions are being offered in the San Francisco, Bay Area, or virtually from anywhere


  • Everything offered in the Online Pathway plus...
  • 4 in person or online 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Personalized Coaching Strategies
  • And so much more... 





$2,400 paid in full ($200 discount), or 4 monthly payments at $650 each


In discovering self-love, your teen will create incredibly profound shifts in the way they choose to move through life and engage with the world.


 My purpose is to support and guide your teen to reclaim their alignment, embody their truth, and awaken to their soul's purpose. Allow me to teach them how to be the self-loving alchemist and sovereign of their life, filled with harmony, balance, and joy.