I connect worlds that often seem so far apart from one another.


I live my life with the belief that there is an infinity of possibilities. It is through my own seeking and healing that I have been able to integrate and connect all that I have learned in order to be of service and support you on your own journey.


To learn more about my qualifications, click on any of the tiles below.


I connect worlds that often seem so far apart from one another.


I live my life with the belief that there is an infinity of possibilities. It is through my own seeking and healing that I have been able to integrate and connect all that I have learned in order to be of service and support you on your own journey.

To learn more about my qualifications, click on any of the tiles below.

Aligning through presence and style...


With over a twenty-year career as a fashion designer and stylist, I have coached hundreds of clients through outward transformations. When one knows which silhouettes, colors, and qualities are optimal for their body type, budget, and lifestyle, they can move about the world effortlessly with a deep sense of confidence. I empower my clients to cultivate a style that is rooted in self-love, magnetizing opportunities, and relationships that directly correspond to their essence and truth.

I have extensive experience and knowledge which will help support your evolution and create a personal visual brand, attracting greater success in all aspects of your life. With a renewal of your forward-facing self, you will experience an energetic ripple effect, inspiring you to care more profoundly for your vessel and to live a healthier, more balanced life.



Aligning through movement...


As a multi-certified yoga instructor and movement therapist, I believe that connecting to one’s vehicle allows for a deeply profound integration of the subconscious and physical attunement. Yoga, dance, and multiple forms of movement illuminated my life with more meaning, introspection, and commitment to kindness, compassion, and patience.

Yoga and movement allow us to investigate what we think we know to be true and to hold compassion for what needs to be discovered within ourselves. When we move, we flow, breathe, and embrace the presence of being. After several years of intense studio practice, I decided to become a certified yoga instructor eleven days following my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. It was through my studies that I discovered the radical depth of self-love and how healing and supportive yoga and compassionate movement became to me.

I took a deep dive into Yin, Restorative, Therapeutic, and Chair yoga, and with certifications in all of these, I have developed a reverence for the simplicity of the practice and its teachings. Using a combination of yoga asanas (positions) and mindful movement, I create sequences to support my client's specific needs as a means to transcend and heal physical distress, as well as to activate energetic flow and emotional alignment. 



Aligning through meditation...


It has been scientifically validated that meditation allows one to radically transform everyday experiences by creating a separation between the objective environment and the internal landscape. Integrating meditation into one's life helps release emotional blocks, improve mental and physical vitality, and quiet the overactive mind.

I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for six years, and it has unquestionably rehabilitated me. As a certified Chopra Global Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, it is my aspiration to share the wisdom of mantra-based meditation with anyone who is seeking and curious. Through meditation, we can slip into the gap between the thoughts, silence the noise, and make space for divine inspiration, guidance, and ultimate transcendence. Prayer is when you speak to God/the Universe. Meditation is when you allow God/the Universe to speak to you.



Aligning through strategy...


Using RMT's (Robbins-Madanes Training) ground-breaking techniques, discover what motivates you to behave, react and relate the way you do, and how you shape all aspects of your life in order to get your basic human needs met in both positive and negative ways. Uncover your ability to make decisions that are aligned with what you truly desire, with a focus on personal growth and developing healthy habits.

Strategic intervention incorporates the revolutionary Human Needs Psychology, Ericksonian Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Organizational Psychology, Neurolinguistics, NLP, Transactional Analysis, Psychology of Influence, and other high-quality disciplines, to release stress, anger, fear, overeating, depression, pain, negative patterns, sexual dysfunction, and long term addictions.

Founded by Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes, who have been powerfully influenced by the great insights and works of Victor Frankl and Milton Erickson’s creative breakthroughs in human intervention. Strategic Intervention is a skillful and non-invasive means for promoting rapid personal growth and sustainable change.



Aligning through numbers...


When one feels sad, tormented, or simply out of sorts, it is almost always an indication that the divine blueprint of their life is not being followed. Our souls know when things are not in alignment. Numerology is an ancient science that reveals your life's purpose and offers the potential to manifest a fulfilled destiny.

As a certified numerologist, I am able to create and interpret your charts based on your birth date and birth name. A reading reveals your life path number, your soul's deepest desires, your challenges, your strengths, uncovers hidden truths from past lives, cures karmic patterns, and allows one to heal energies in order to live a harmonious and joyful life filled with passion and aligned intention. Your chart will also disclose what types of relationships and experiences you will attract in order to learn, evolve, and progress in this lifetime.

I have also read Tarot and Oracle cards for over 27 years and often integrate these into my sessions.



Aligning through ancient science...


Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing disciplines in the world. It aims at bringing the body and mind back into balance with nature, by living in sync with its circadian rhythms, restoring digestive, and particularly lymphatic health. This allows the body and mind to access a deeper state of self-awareness and healing.

As a Chopra Global certified Ayurveda Coach, I support my clients by leveraging these practices and principles that the world's ancient holistic integrative system provides in order to purify and find alignment through nutrition, herbs, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation.



Aligning through your own innate wisdom...


As your life coach, I anchor you into the present moment and together we pave the way toward your future goals and aspirations. I guide you toward accepting the way things were and are, and co-creating strategies for moving forward.

If you are seeking progression in attaining fulfillment within your relationships, career, and day-to-day life, I am here to help you identify what is holding you back by clarifying values, setting meaningful goals, and creating actionable plans to overcome limiting beliefs and begin living a life of purpose and value. 

What makes my Chopra Life Coaching Certification unique is that it integrates a spiritual component that facilitates a deep and lasting transformation, and is grounded in both coaching psychology and ancient wisdom.



Aligning through integrative healthcare...


As a graduate of and contributing editor to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, one of the most respected health coaching and nutrition schools in the world, I play an integral role in your preventive health care.

Chronic diseases, especially those that are avertible through lifestyle changes, are the epidemic of our generation. People desperately need guidance to find their way back to health, and that's where I come in!

As your Health Coach, I fill the gap in the current healthcare system. Only 20% of medical schools require doctors to study 25 hours of nutrition. Physicians have little time to spend with patients, who are left to figure out how to implement important lifestyle changes that are critical to improving their health.

There are many factors that influence our well-being aside from just the food we eat, such as the environment where we live and the relationships we foster. I combine my comprehensive coaching skills, along with my holistic health education and personalized approach to guide the transformation of your health and support you in reaching your health-related goals to sustain a healthy and vital lifestyle.



Aligning through releasing generational entanglements...


Systemic and Family Constellations is a powerful method to transform your relationship with your family, work, vitality, finances, and overall life by releasing you from the generational entanglements that are holding you back. This groundbreaking methodology is used to disconnect yourself from the damaging repetitive patterns, behaviors, and emotions that are limiting you and that you have unconsciously integrated into your life because of your own family relationships.

Most of the issues we face today derive from unresolved events and unprocessed emotions from our own families that are passed down across generations. This modality can be used to heal families, addictions, negative habits, depression, illness, phobias, companies, institutions, and so much more. Facilitation can take place in-person, virtually, in groups, and/or during 1:1 sessions.



Aligning through your vital life force...


We are much greater than the sum of our physical parts. We are spiritual beings residing in physical bodies. When we feel pain or when we develop physical symptoms, they can be a manifestation of spiritual and emotional distress.

Communicating with our bodies and using powerful energy healing techniques, we can awaken our own natural healing capabilities and aid in rectifying energy imbalances or blockages.

I am certified in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Somatic Healing, Sound Bowl Healing, as well as QHHT's Soul Speak, and use these modalities as means to support those who are seeking alternative pathways to optimal health.

If you are open to receiving this wisdom, I can guide you on how to interpret your body’s messages and use these incredibly powerful healing modalities to heal and support yourself.

Disclaimer: Any techniques, tools, meditations, visualizations, and perspectives are not given as a substitute for medical advice nor are they claimed as cures or remedies. They are not intended as replacements for medical care. You must follow the advice of your physician for all medical treatments, prescribed medications, and for all mental, emotional, and physical trauma and/or conditions.



Aligning through your environment...


Your home and workspace are a direct reflection of who you are. Your environment is a visual representation of what brings you joy, inspiration, and solace. Designing a home and work environment which aligns with your life's vision, will create an irresistible energy flow and allow for room to breathe, innovate, and move.

Organizing your space and clearing away clutter can set the stage for powerful transformation and bring about sustainable tranquility. When your home and office are in alignment with your plans and priorities, you will rapidly manifest a positive emotional response and attract your desired reality.



Aligning through Art...


  Neurographica is a method of transformative creative drawing that forms new neural connections in the brain, attunes you to your intuition, and serves as a vehicle to manifest your deepest desires. This is a method of not only self-exploration and self-reflection, but one of mindfulness and activated inspiration.

Neurographica supports one in expressing deep subconscious feelings, discovering and transforming limiting beliefs, and transmuting outdated behaviors. By applying specifically designed algorithms, one is able to process various life circumstances, illuminate the hidden depths of human consciousness and get solutions from within.



Aligning through regressive hypnosis...


  Certified in both QHHT, Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and BQH, Candace Craw-Goldman’s Beyond Quantum Healing practices, I am able to take individuals back and forward through time to their previous, future, and potentially parallel lives and/or incarnations, by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in their subconscious mind. The idea of reincarnation is that after death – an individual may be reborn into another body. This idea has existed in various religions and in many ancient cultures for thousands of years. There is a widely held spiritual belief that each of us goes through a series of lifetimes for the purpose of spiritual growth and soul development.

Regression hypnosis can help you to understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places, people, and experiences, can help one identify physical ailments, and explore unresolved emotions which may be creating fears or limiting beliefs in this lifetime. QHHT and BQH are both multi-hour sessions (3-5 hrs). QHHT is practiced in person and BQH can be practiced both in-person or virtually. Both practices have the same result, it is only a matter of personal preference. Sessions are recorded, however, you will most likely remember everything and be aware throughout. You’ll be answering the questions we have co-created together during the initial interview as I guide you through the journey.



Aligning through breathwork...


 Breathwork is a breathing practice of any type in which the conscious control of breathing is said to influence one's mental, emotional, or physical state. It is a self-improvement tool to help strengthen the body, calm and steady the mind, reduce the sympathetic (fight/flight), and activate the parasympathetic (relax/digest) nervous systems. Breathing from the belly circulates and releases blocked energy and toxins from the body, allowing one to open up space for inspiration, divine guidance, and innate wisdom.

The benefits of this simple and safe practice are often immediate. Breathwork is not for everyone and if you have a history of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, recent surgery, retina detachment, and some other medical conditions, please consult your physician or speak to me ahead of time.



Aligning through tapping...


 EFT is fast becoming an integral part of the coaching and mental health industries. Much research has uncovered EFT's power to assist many emotional issues from anxiety, depression, and stress to pain, limiting beliefs, and much more. Similar to acupuncture, which uses needles to apply pressure to these focused meridian points, EFT uses fingertip tapping to apply the pressure in order to restore balance to your body and energy.

When tapping, we are able to relieve emotional symptoms by sending signals to the central nervous system, lower cortisol levels, bring ourselves back into our body, and gain the presence of being. I guide my clients how to integrate tapping in a very customizable way by assisting them in writing specific scripts in order to support their own emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.



If you are looking for something more official...


  My formal academic experiences have served as an incredible foundation from which I stand today. I received my Bachelor of Arts from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), majoring in World Arts and Cultures, with a focus on Dance. A proprietary program defined by a dynamic blend of theory and practice and guided by a renowned faculty of scholars, activists, curators, filmmakers, and choreographers dedicated to critical cross-cultural analysis and art-making. The World Arts and Culture/Dance program was and continues to be, a place to innovate and develop multiple disciplines and artistic approaches while positioning one's work within broad social contexts.

After receiving my Bachelor of Arts from UCLA, I relocated to New York City to pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree in Fashion Design from one of the world’s top fashion colleges, the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York. Here I gained exclusive industry access while learning all the essential foundational skills in sketching, draping, patternmaking, construction, sewing techniques, and textiles. I completed my credentials in Florence, Italy at the internationally acclaimed fashion school, Polimoda, with a specialization in Fashion Art and Illustration.

As of 2022, I am attending graduate school and training to become a licensed clinical psychotherapist with a specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).



I warmly invite you to reach out and connect with me.


Let's find out what's possible together. I am dedicated to supporting women and girls, like yourself. peel back the layers of systemic and cultural programming that has prevented us from living our most courageous, fierce, and aligned lives.

I have created multiple programs to cater to everyone's unique coaching and financial needs. Each of these platforms provides you with a safe place to dig deep and to come home to yourself, so you can build a life and legacy that is true to your soul.



Let's co-create a customized program to meet your specific needs so that you can manifest life and legacy that is true to who you are!



Explore a variety of transformational tools and coaching strategies without having to pay a fortune of money or invest too much time.



This integrative mentorship and supportive community will guide you month by month through my Twelve Aspects of Self program



What Sara provides as a coach is far beyond any other coach or therapist I have ever worked with before. She has the gift of clear and profound communication, a wealth of wisdom, and is an incredible creative strategist. What Sara offers is pure magic. After each session, all I want is to be able to gift her services to every single woman on this planet because I know that the world would transform in the most exquisite way.


I would love for you to join me on social media where I share complimentary resources, wisdom, my heart, interview brilliant and enlightened experts, and so much more!


I would love for you to join me on social media where I share complimentary resources, wisdom, my heart, interview brilliant and enlightened experts, and so much more!